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  • Samuel Lovegrove

    I’ve learnt so much

    I’ve learnt so much and I now know what I want to do for my career.

What is Apprentice Kent

Apprentice Kent is a website full of apprenticeship opportunities all across Kent. Young people can look for roles that interest them by location or by sector. 

You can find all the latest apprenticeships available here

How does it work for a provider?

Once registered, you will be able to add employers, vacancies and manage incoming applicants. You will be able to manage the internal messaging system to invite applicants to interview and provide feedback, whilst allowing different users to manage different vacancies for ease of use.  

Please register and start uploading your employers and vacancies today.  The more vacancies there are, the more interest from young people there will be, creating easier recruitment for everyone. The service is totally free, so let’s work together to make ApprenticeKent work.

What is expected of a Training Provider?

The Training Provider will be responsible for:

  • Providing training and work that enables the apprentice to achieve the qualification. 
  • Drawing down the NAS grant if applicable 
  • Providing regular updates on progress for the employer and apprentice 
  • Providing support throughout the apprenticeship