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How Can I Support My Child With Apprenticeship Applications?

There are many ways you can support your child through the apprenticeship application process, but it is also important that you encourage them to complete as much of it themselves as they can. In particular, it is great experience for them to write their own Cover Letter and CV because when it comes to their interview, they will be asked to build upon the information they have provided and need to know it back to front.

Ways you can help

Discuss plans for the future:

Talking to your child about potential career paths they would like to venture into goes a long way in choosing the right apprenticeship for them. From there, you can then look at the skills and experience these roles require and find relevant apprenticeships.

It is also a good idea to help them keep an open mind about possible apprenticeships, as lots have many transferrable skills which will be relevant to a wide range of jobs - Some experience is better than no experience.

Help them to recognise their existing skills:

A lot of young people possess more skills than may seem obvious to them, so it is important to help them realise what they are. For example, if they have been part of a sports team this requires a good team ethic. Try and help them build on this by providing examples of times they have demonstrated this (this is particularly good preparation for their interview).


It would be very useful for you to read over your child’s CV and Cover Letter to check for any spelling/grammar mistakes and make sure that it is clear to read. [Insert blog posts]If your child is having problems writing a Cover Letter and CV, the following websites provide useful tips:

- All About Careers

- All About School Leavers


It is also a good idea to make note of any approaching application deadlines to make sure your child doesn’t miss out on the opportunity that they want.

Interview outfit

It is also important that if they are shortlisted for interview they are dressed in a smart professional manner. For tips on what to wear, please see our How to Dress for your interview' blog.

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