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How can your interests and hobbies get you the apprenticeship you want?

Every employer seems to want experience. If you are searching for an apprenticeship, you may feel like you don’t have enough experience to offer – but this isn’t the case. Some of the top skills that employers look for in candidates can be shown through your extracurricular activities.

Here is a list of ways in which you can apply the skills you have gained from your hobbies to the work environment:


    Team sports such as football, rugby and netball are great examples of your ability to work well with others to achieve a common goal. This is not limited to sports either; you may have helped at a charity or fundraising event and possess the same skills. In both your cover letter and interview, make sure you draw on your experiences as a team player, and talk about how this can make you an ideal apprentice.


    Participation in endurance sports such as cycling, running, and swimming demonstrates to employers that you are able to push yourself to your limits and work towards targets. Ensure that you write and talk about how this makes you a good match for the job description.

Public Speaking:

    This could be found through an interest in performing arts for example, as taking part in stage performances in your free time is a great way of developing the confidence and communication skills needed to deliver great presentations. Write about these skills in your cover letter and demonstrate them in your interview to secure the job.

Creative Thinking:

    Many apprenticeships require some level of creative thinking now and then. This can be seen in hobbies such as photography and music which highlight your ability to offer new ideas and different perspectives. Employers often look to apprentices to bring in fresh creativity, you will need to demonstrate how you have been creative in your cover letter and interview.

These tips should help you feel more confident in highlighting your strengths and selling yourself to a potential employer. If you haven’t secured an apprenticeship opportunity yet, then why not check out our vacancies on