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Inside our Made in Kent: Meet an Employer Events

Our Made in Kent: Meet an Employer events are now in full swing and it has been great to see the positive response from young people, schools and employers alike. With more events coming up, this is a good opportunity to share some background on the events and how they run.

The Leader of Kent County Council, Paul Carter CBE, launched the Made in Kent campaign to encourage Kent employers to double the number of apprentices in Kent. Part of this initiative aims to offer 1,000 interviews to 1,000 young people this year via the Meet an Employer events. So far, across Kent and Medway, we are proud to say we have already facilitated 910 interviews with more dates in the pipeline.

The events are a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable interview experience by meeting with local employers for a mock interview. Students are matched with an employer based on their career interests, so they can learn more about the industry and find out what an employer is looking for in an apprentice. There have also been occasions where employers have offered apprenticeships to candidates they’ve met on the day, so there are real opportunities on offer too!

Once the interviews are over, attendees then have the chance to receive practical advice for taking their next career steps from training providers and our apprenticeship ambassadors.

Ultimately, we want the young people of Kent to have a clear understanding of what options are available to them as they leave school and come away with a well-rounded view of apprenticeships.


“It was a great experience for our students and they spoke positively about feeling more confident and more prepared for future interviews in particular.” - Gravesend Grammar

“The Meet an Employer events allows the students to have a near-real interview and feedback – both of which may be a first for the students. Taking them out of their comfort zone may seem daunting to a few, with nerves creeping in before the interviews start, but the positivity afterwards and sense of achievement held by the students is proof of how effective they are. A few have even obtained real job interviews and referrals while linking it to the jobs offers more opportunities too.” – St Simon Stock Catholic School

“I thought the time our students had with the employers was hugely constructive and inspirational.” – Maplesden Noakes School

“I really enjoyed the session yesterday, it was amazing to support and guide students to prepare them for future opportunities.” – Moat Housing

“The kids were really great, it has inspired me that our youth of today are motivated and genuinely want to work and learn at the same time.” – Global

“The event was a success for me as I have now gained an apprentice!” – KMS Professionals

With more events coming up throughout the year, be sure to look out for one in your area at