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Top 5 Cover Letter Tips

If you’re struggling to write a Cover Letter for your CV, this blog aims to help you on the way!

1) Tailor your Cover Letter to the job you’re applying for

- Although it may be tempting to create a “one fits all” cover letter, employers will spot it straight away and it is unlikely that your application will be successful.

(The best approach is to look at the job role and person specification, and outline how your skills and interests make you the ideal candidate for the role)


2) Be clear about what you’re applying for

- Start by making it clear which position you are applying for and where you found out about the role in your opening sentence.

(This is important as a company may be hiring for numerous roles at the same time.)


3) Why are you interested?

- Although this may seem obvious to you, it is important that you convince an employer that you are interested in the Apprenticeship they are offering. This is where it is important to do some background research on the company and the role, so you can express your interest in a more specific way.


4) Talking about your experience and qualifications

- Describe how your experience and qualifications are relevant or have led you towards applying for this apprenticeship in particular - it could be a topic you have studied at school, an extra-curricular interest or a short work experience placement. You should then demonstrate how they have prepared you for the role.


5) Who to address your cover letter to

- If you didn’t manage to find out the name of the person receiving your application, put ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ and end with ‘Yours Faithfully.’

- If you started the letter with a personal name, end the letter with ‘Yours Sincerely.’

These tips should help you get off to the best possible start in your search for an apprenticeship. If you are looking for advice on your CV, please see our CV blog post.

If you haven’t secured an apprenticeship opportunity yet, then why not check out the latest vacancies on Alternatively, if you would like some help from one of our team, call us on 03000 414005 or email